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JD Karlsson

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Digitising  @  Ålesund Municipality.  /  2018 to Present

I have been leading the digitizing of the historical building permit archives for the Municipality, where we meticulously convert a diverse range of materials, such as documentation, images, technical drawings, and maps, into digital formats. Over the past two years, I have also taken the lead in training and implementing AI systems that automatically categorize these documents, simplifying and streamlining their usage for effortless access and retrieval. Our aim is to enhance user convenience and efficiency in utilizing these valuable resources.

Technical Director @  Scanice  /  2017 to 2019

I served as the Technical Director at Scanice, a prominent company known for its expertise in sourcing the ideal industrial vehicles and tools for customers. Additionally, Scanice excelled in designing and manufacturing “Tiny” houses. As the Technical Director, I focused on simplifying the process for both our users and project managers who utilized my solutions to carry out their tasks more effectively. By implementing streamlined processes and user-friendly interfaces, I aimed to enhance the overall user experience, enabling our project managers to efficiently fulfill their job responsibilities with greater ease and productivity.

Project Manager  @ VIKA  /  2014 to 2017

I transitioned back to my root as a tinsmith/ thin sheet metal worker while also serving as a project manager in the construction industry. During this period, I undertook various projects, including roof installations and ventilation system recalibration, among others. As a project manager, my focus was on streamlining processes and simplifying scheduling for efficient project execution. My role involved overseeing a range of construction activities and ensuring successful project completion.


A strong brand creates a distinct identity that resonates with your target audience. Through thoughtful use of logos, color palettes, typography, and messaging, branding communicates your unique promise to the world


Illustration is a powerful tool for visual storytelling. By incorporating cohesive illustrations into your brand, you can convey complex ideas, evoke emotions, and enhance the overall brand experience. Illustration adds a delightful and uncommon dimension to your visual language


Crafting a remarkable user experience is essential to engage and satisfy your audience. By integrating motion, animation, and interactive elements into your design process, you can elevate the user experience and create memorable interactions. Motion brings your design to life, adds depth, and redefines navigation, resulting in a more natural and engaging experience


Motion design is the art of giving graphic elements animation and movement. By introducing motion to your designs, you can create emotions, tell stories, and enhance user engagement. Motion adds a dynamic and captivating element to your design, capturing attention and conveying information effectively

JD Karlsson

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